Four of a Kind brings together 4 young musicians fully dedicated to Jazz and with swing as their main drive.


Influenced by Oscar Peterson, Charlie Parker & Wes Montgomery, these students at the Brussels Royal Conservatory will make you discover their love for this tradition, enriched with their own universe and compositions.


Guillaume Gillain


Guillaume Gillain started playing guitar at 8.

His first guitar teacher, Alain Pierre, introduced him to jazz and advised him to continue learning in summer interships.

Since that day, Guillaume studied jazz in many places to finally enter the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. There, he studied with Fabien Degryse and Victor Da Costa. He also met Maxime Moyaerts, another student who shared the same love for jazz. They created Four of a Kind.

Guillaume is now studying at the Flemish section of the Brussels Conservatory with Peter Hertmans, Jeroen Vanherzeele, David Linx et Pieter Nijsten.

Maxime Moyaerts


Born of a musician father, Maxime grew up in a musical environment.

He started piano taking classical lessons at 7.

Upon graduation from high school, Maxime continued his classical formation at "IMEP, MUSIC and TEACHING".

During his studies in classical piano, he started learning jazz on his own.

After two years, he decided to focus exclusively on jazz and moved to Brussels to enter the Royal Conservatory.

There , with his teacher and mentor Eric Legnini , he worked to develop his own playing style that often recalls his heroes : Oscar Peterson, Wynton Kelly and Art Tatum.

His love for tradition and jazz in all forms gives him the ability to switch from Stride to more modern playing in his various projects.

Lucas Vanderputten


Lucas early became interested in rhythm, especially jazz ones, beside or on the shoulders of his father, a great lover too. At the age of six , he chose drums as instrument and started taking lessons at the academy of Molenbeek. Two years laters , he decided to learn classical piano at the same place. In his teens , he participated in jazz combo courses with Olivier Colette then Sabin Todorov. After graduating from high school , he continued his formation for two year at the "Jazz Bxl" then entered the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in 2011. There, he keeps on studying jazz drums with Thomas Grimmonprez and Thierry Gutman . His varied tastes in music leads him to different projects from traditionnal music to modern formation more open to improvisation.

Nicolas Puma


Born in 1988, Nicolas started playing electric bass self-taught at the age of 13. He changed for double bass when he discovered the music of Charles Mingus.

Then, under the wing of André Klénes, he prepared to enter the Leuven jazz Conservatory (Lemmensinstituut) where he continued his training with Jos Machtel.

His work with groups such as Les Esacargots du Dimanche, Temsé, Droma expands his playing to different musical backgrounds and gives him a strong versatility.

He is currently studying at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with Jean-Louis Rassinfosse.

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